“CBT and hypnotherapy has turned my life around in ways I’d never even dreamt of. It was a tough, but worthwhile journey with lots of struggles and humour along the way. So many doors have opened for me now. It was definitely the best form of therapy I’ve tried and, after seeing other therapists with little success, Daniel was the one that helped me the most. I would recommend him to anyone considering either CBT or hypnotherapy. I’ve even become a children’s yoga teacher because of it!”

CHNHS mental health worker

“CBT and hypnosis helped me to realize various goals that I never really thought possible before. I never used to believe in hypnosis, but it’s amazing and completely different from what I expected: much more real and far less frightening. Daniel is a really good therapist (and I’ve seen a few). He’s more approachable than most and strikes the perfect balance between guiding and listening. I would highly recommend Daniel to any friend of mine suffering any kind of anxiety, depression or addictive issues.”

LFJournalist & Personal Trainer

“CBT is unlike any other therapy I have tried and certainly one of the most helpful. I’m not sure what impressed me more: it’s many practical applications, or the fact that the results seemed so rapid. It helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my problems; more so than any other therapy I’ve tried. Another good aspect is that it is very educational, so you come away feeling able to support yourself going forwards. I also liked Daniel’s warm yet professional approach to our work together.”

TCIT Project Manager

“Although I was sceptical at first, for me, hypnotherapy turned out to be amazing and I can’t believe how much it helped me. I’ve quit my bad habits, conquered my fears and feel more confident about myself. It really has been great. I would recommend Daniel to anyone. He was calm and confident and put me at ease right away. Also, his explanation of what hypnosis actually is really helped to de-mystify it.”