Hypnotherapy: The Best Way to Stop Smoking

In the run up to Christmas and the inevitable New Year’s Resolutions that follow, smoking (or, more importantly, quitting) comes to the forefront of many minds. The NHS always gives a big seasonal push to stopping smoking. They’ve got initiatives, supports packs and advice on a vast array of nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) from patches and gums to sprays and plastic cigarettes. But, did you know that there’s a more effective method than any NRT? 

Stopping smoking in probably one of the more in-demand treatments asked from a hypnotherapist and, thankfully, hypnotherapy is one of the most successful methods for stopping smoking. In just one single one-and-half-hour session of stopping smoking with hypnosis, you could become a non-smoker forever.

But don’t just take my word for it. Many studies on the subject have shown, again and again, that you are much more likely to successfully quit your smoking habit with hypnosis than with any other therapy.

  • A 2001 study by the University of Washington School of Medicine found that 39 out of 43 people studied successfully quit using hypnosis. This represents a whopping 90.6 per cent success rate.
  • Another study, involving 186 men and women found that 86 per cent of the men and 87 per cent of the women also successfully quit.
  • And, one of the largest ever studies, conducted in 1992 by the University of Iowa, statistically combined the results of over 600 studies, covering nearly 72,000 people. It found that hypnotherapy was, on average, three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapies (such as gums and patches) and 15 times more effective than trying to quit cold turkey.

Everybody knows that cigarettes are bad for you, that they are carcinogenic, that they cause bronchitis and lung-disease and dozens of horrible others things.

But did you also know that the radiation from smoking a packet of cigarettes a day compares to almost 2,000 chest X-rays and that people who smoke have 10 times as many winkles as those that don’t?

Also, if you smoke a pack a day you will lose on average two teeth every ten years. Not looking pretty, is it?

And here are a couple of sobering thoughts. Not only did the first owner of the Marlboro Tobacco Company die of cancer, but so did the first Marlboro man.

Yes, cigarettes: wonderfully bad for you and yet the single most traded item on the planet, bar none.

Nicotine is named after Jean Nicot, the French Ambassador to Portugal who brought tobacco to France as a medicine in the sixteenth century.

Included among the many compounds that going into making a modern cigarette are urea (a compound found in urine) and ambergris (whale vomit), both of which are used to add flavour. Mmm, so tasty.

Those of you that have stopped or who want to stop (and you do want to stop, do you not?) have found many reasons for doing so.

Maybe you hate the taste, the smell, the damage to your health, the hole it leaves in your pocket, the way you have to skulk about trying to find somewhere where you can smoke or, maybe you just don’t like the idea that you’re sucking down on a whale sick stick but, worst of all is that feeling that you are trapped, a slave to both your habit and your addiction.

When you stop, the benefits to your health are almost immediate.

  •  Within 30 minutes of stopping, your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal
  • Within 24 hours, your body will be clear of carbon monoxide and your lungs will start to clear some of the waste collected there
  • For every day you quit, your immune system improves
  • In just two or three days, your sense of taste and smell will have improved and you will be breathing more easily
  • Over the next few weeks and months, your circulation improves and your lungs start working better
  • After just one year of not smoking, your risk of heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker
  • And, after 10 years, your risk of lung cancer will have halved compared to a smoker
  • Finally, after 15 years, your risk of heart attack will be similar to someone who has never smoked

Plus, according to research in the journal Psychological Reports, whatever your gender, your appeal to the opposite sex could triple as a non smoker.

And guys, stopping smoking can make your manhood bigger – seriously!

Research has shown that men who stopped smoking experienced thicker, more rigid erections and reached maximum arousal five times faster than smokers who relapsed.

So really, if you want your health, if you want to keep your teeth, if you want to get out there and pull someone with less wrinkles than you and, if you want to put more zing in your thing, go and find yourself a stop smoking hypnotherapist!