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Depression is not a low mood, or something you can snap out off just like that, it is a mood disorder that can be troublesome at best and all-consuming at its worst. Left untreated it can even turn into a clinical condition.

depress5 - DepressionCommon symptoms include feeling very sad and low, a lack of motivation and apathy, feeling hopeless and helpless, a lack of joy and a lack of interest in activities you once loved (including socialising) together with feeling tearful and empty inside.

Often people will attempt to tranquilise their feelings with alcohol or drugs. In extreme cases they want to terminate their feelings altogether. If you have thoughts about death or committing suicide, it’s of vital importance that you seek help immediately.

Often, people don’t want to admit they have depression, they feel guilty and ashamed for having it or for not being able to deal with it. They usually feel like it’s their fault for having it.

But, depression is not your fault. It’s an illness, not a sign of weakness. It’s all down to brain chemistry and a natural, though very unpleasant reaction to stressful life events.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is considered the best form of treatment for helping people overcome depression, while hypnotherapy is also a valuable and often overlooked tool in helping you change your negative thoughts, lift your mood and to help start being a little kinder to yourself.

Anti-depressants, exercise and a healthy diet also have a part to play in helping you through this difficult time.

CBT and hypnotherapy can also help people manage other forms of depression such as clinical depression (or major depressive disorder) and bi-polar depression (or manic depression).

Talking your depression through with a trained professional can be a lifeline; you are not alone (even though you may feel like you are) and you most definitely don’t have to struggle with this debilitating condition on your own.

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