A Book to Transform Your Life

how to cope - New book

What if there was something that could improve your mental health, reduce your stress levels, enhance your coping strategies, help you to feel happier and more fulfilled, and make modern life more manageable?

Well, there is. It’s time to re-discover the art of hypnotherapy. Not only is it one of the oldest healing modalities known to man, but it’s also being called the next big wellness trend.

Out on 23rd May and available for pre-order, How to Cope with Almost Anything with Hypnotherapy teaches you how to use self-hypnosis, so you can practise anytime, anywhere.

Not only that it but contains a handy QR code that allows you to access over 20 hypnotherapy audio sessions guided by myself. Put it into practice, and you’ll be able to deal with almost any challenge in your life with a new-found ease. And talking of life’s adversities…

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