Sex, CBT and Hypnotherapy: Boosting it in the Bedroom

Superdrug, the health and beauty chain, are making a fortune out of red hot lovers up and down the country this week and estimate they’ve been dispensing one erectile dysfunction treatment every three minutes since Wednesday (with a 20 per cent surge in prescription requests this week alone). The store claims this Valentine’s Day will be the busiest in the history of its Online Doctor service. But, little blue pills are not the only solution for problems in the bedroom. 

Both CBT and hypnotherapy are excellent therapies for treating psychosexual dysfunction (a sexual problem that is psychological rather than physiological in nature).

We can all make ourselves anxious about our sexual performance at some time or other and, considering how much Valentine’s Day is rammed down our throats these days (commercial speaking, of course), it’s no surprise that those anxieties peak around this time of year.

Both men and women can suffer from sexual performance anxieties – with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for men and vaginismus (painful contractions of the vagina during sex) and anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm) for women being the most common types of problems.

CBT looks at the unhelpful thinking patterns behind these problem and seeks to change them, leading to a more relaxed and happy you (especially when having sex). Hypnotherapy, meanwhile, can not only help you do that, but it can also help you to be more in the moment, build confidence, find your flow and even increase your stamina!

And guys, you might want to consider stopping smoking with hypnotherapy too, not only is it one of the most successful methods for quitting, but studies have shown that men who have quit experience thicker, more rigid erections than those who have not!

Happy Valentine’s Day!