Skype Therapy: It’s As Good As Conventional Counselling

Skype2 300x126 - Skype Therapy: It's As Good As Conventional Counselling


Skype therapy is becoming increasingly popular. And several studies appear to confirm its effectiveness. In fact, a recent study (click here) has found that web therapy is just as good, if not better, than therapy delivered in person. So, have you thought about seeing a therapist online instead of in office and, if not, why not? The benefits are legion.

I’ve blogged about this subject before (click here) but thought it worth mentioning again, not only because of the above study, but because I have just finished working with a client I saw almost exclusively on Skype.

As he travelled extensively for work, I saw him for exactly one session in my office in Victoria and then, for the rest of the time, I saw him via his iPad in hotel rooms in Cape Town, Geneva, Lisbon, New York and Paris.

If only my lifestyle were half as exciting!

In these time-pressured times, more and more people are considering therapy either online or via the telephone (and studies have also shown telephone therapy to be equally effective).

So, if you’ve been thinking about finding a therapist, but are finding it hard to find the time, shouldn’t you think about going online?

After all, it saves you time, as there is no travel involved to and from your therapist’s office. Plus, if you are away from home (as we all are from time to time) you don’t have to miss a session. Not only that, but it means your therapist can be more flexible with appointment times.

I’ve seen plenty of people over the Internet and via the phone. Not only for CBT, but also for hypnotherapy. There isn’t as much research into this area as there is with CBT, but what there is highlights its effectiveness. And, I’ve certainly had plenty of success delivering hypnotherapy this way.

From banking to shopping, more and more of people are enjoying the convenience of online services. So why not add therapy and counselling to that list?

Remember, web and telephone therapy can especially benefit you if you:

  •  Are a busy professional
  • Have a hectic schedule
  • Don’t like to travel
  • Travel around the UK
  • Travel around the world
  • Live abroad & want a homegrown therapist
  • Have been recommended a therapist out of your area
  • Have children but not childcare
  • Have agoraphobia
  • Have a disability that makes travel difficult
  • Prefer the comfort of your own home
  • Have been recommended a great therapist in another country