Online Therapy: Counselling on Your Couch

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Someone asked me the other day if I offer therapy via Skype. I’ve written about the subject before (click here) and the answer is, “yes I do,” for two very good reasons. One: it’s just as effective as therapy delivered in person (as is telephone therapy for that matter) and, two: more and more people seem to like their psychotherapy and counseling delivered that way.

It’s not just therapy that people prefer to engage with via video conferencing, as this recent article in the Evening Standard shows (click here), but a whole host of other services too, including hairdressing consultations, exercise sessions and cookery classes.

But, when it comes to therapy, people prefer online for various reasons. They may be housebound (as is often the case with agoraphobia) or have a disability that makes travel difficult.

For others, it’s that their work schedules are so hectic they simply can’t or don’t want to add another journey to their day.

While, for many, they simply prefer to receive therapy from the comfort of home.

Finally, there are plenty of people who travel extensively for work and can only fit in regular sessions that way. I’ve seen plenty of people online while they’ve been travelling abroad and I’m not the only one to do so (click here).

Telephone therapy is just as popular and just as effective too. It’s also big in Britain, Sweden and Australia apparently (click here).

And online or telephone therapy means that you’re not just limited to your local area when looking for a therapist that you’re comfortable with.

I’ve seen people for Skype therapy from all over the UK and Europe and even as far away as the United States and Australia.

So, when it comes to where you are, how you want your therapy delivered, and by whom, there’s always so much more than one option.


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