Stop Smoking: Hypnotherapy can Help

It’s very nearly Stoptober, the month the NHS would like as many of you to quit smoking as possible. To that end, the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation have compiled a very handy infographic on all the goodness that comes from quitting cigarettes. You can find more details, plus other information over at their website (click here). Sadly, the only thing they haven’t included is how good hypnotherapy is at helping people quit. 

I’ve blogged about this before (click here) but hypnotherapy (in the form of one session or several sessions, depending on your motivation) is one of the more successful methods for stopping smoking. I’ve helped hundreds of people quit this way and they’ve all been surprised at how easy it was.

You don’t have to take my word for it either, as plenty of research (click here) backs up the effectiveness of quitting via hypnosis (click here).

So, if you’re thinking of stopping, why not join in with the Stoptober campaign and quit starting this Thursday 1st of October. It doesn’t matter how you do it (find a therapist, find a hypnotherapist, use nicotine replacement therapy, read the Alan Carr book), just so long as you do it.

Just look at the ways, the help and the benefits below . . .


RoyCastle - Stop Smoking: Hypnotherapy can Help