Stop Smoking: Once A Quitter, Always A Quitter

Stop Smoking 300x128 - Stop Smoking: Once A Quitter, Always A Quitter


I’ve blogged about this before (click here), but stopping smoking is one of the most successful methods for stopping smoking and study after study seems to back this up. And, ahead of National No Smoking Day, new research sheds light on new benefits to quitting.

Whilst people who smoke typically say it helps them to de-stress or to elevate their mood, a study from Birmingham University and Oxford King’s College (click here) has found the opposite.

The researchers collated the information from 26 different studies and found that people who quit smoking reported several mental health benefits, including reduced anxiety.

Previous research also found that rather than soothing anxiety and depression, smoking actually exacerbated the symptoms.

We all know that stopping reduces your chances of cancer and heart disease, but not a lot of people know that it also improves bone health, reduces incidents of periodontal disease in the teeth, improves the appearance of your skin, improves your vision, increases fertility in women, and leads to bigger, stiffer erections in men and so much more.

I offer two stop smoking methods (click here to find out more). One is a single one-and-a-half-hour session for highly motivated people who want to quit, right now, with no doubts and the other is a series of five sessions, building your motivation and leading to the big day.

Whatever the method you choose, why not quit on National No Smoking Day, this Wednesday 12 March.