Hypnotherapy: Here to Help you Shed those Pounds

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Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness, very similar to daydreaming, or losing yourself in a really good book. In this trance-like state, your unconscious mind becomes very susceptible to positive suggestion, especially when those suggestions are tied to a goal you already know you want to achieve. When it comes to weight loss, whether you goal is to shed a few pounds or a few stone, you’ll be amazed at what a good hypnotherapist can help you with.

Chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, ice cream, burgers pizzas and more: you know you love them, but you also know they’re the reason you can’t get down to your ideal weight or waist size.

If eating these things is simply a habit that’s got a little out of control, then two or three sessions of hypnotherapy will help curb your enthusiasm for the finer (and fattening) things in life whilst, at the same time, giving you the appetite for healthier snacks and meal options.

Weight control is just one of hypnotherapy’s many success stories, but it’s a really good one, and more than a fair few people in my practise have shed the pounds that way.

Hypnotherapy can also help install the desire to exercise more than you currently do.

Diets do work but, only in the short term. As soon as you come off of your diet and return to your usual eating habits, the pounds soon pile back on. And, sadly, the faster the weight is lost, the easier it is to gain.

Sadly, the only way to lose weight and then keep that weight off is the hard way. And, that means by implementing a long-term plan of healthy eating coupled with regular exercise.

Exercise doesn’t mean joining a gym or a cardio class (enjoyable for some, but not for everybody), although it can. But, it can simply mean finding the time to walk for around 30 minutes a day. Thankfully, you don’t even have to do that all in one go for it to work. You could walk for two 15-minute sessions, or even three 10-minute sessions, and it would all still count.

A healthy level of weight loss is around 2lbs  (or just under a kilogramme) a week. And weight lost that way (slowly, though healthy eating and regular exercise) is much harder to put back on.

For those of you with their eyes on the sunny horizon, who would like to lose a few pounds and be beach body ready for the summer holidays well, you might want to find a hypnotherapist right about now.

With hypnotherapy, getting you to start eating healthily is the easy bit. Helping you stay on the healthy eating path, well that is a little trickier. However, if you stick to your healthy eating plans for just three short weeks, you have already built a new habit and are well on the road to a slimmer and sleeker new you.

If however, after the three-week period, you return to old unhealthy ways, it means you’ve made a conscious decision to do so. However, your hypnotherapist can help you deal with those decisions and head them off at the pass the next time.

For those of you with an eating disorder, or an unhealthy relationship with food (such as comfort eating), hypnotherapy can still help, but it becomes a little more involved. Other forms of therapy, such as cognitive behaviour therapy, used in conjunction with hypnosis, will help rebuild that healthier eating relationship.

I am a Bristol-based clinical hypnotherapist and cognitive behaviour therapist with nearly 15 years experience of helping people break their addictions all things sickly, sweet, stodgy and fattening, whether that be in time for the summer or not.

You can also find a therapist skilled at treating eating disorders in your area by looking at websites such as The Hypnotherapy Directory (click here) and The Counselling Directory (click here) as well as the website for the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (click here).