Unleash the Power of your Mind!

Your unconscious mind is the vast and powerful storehouse of everything you are. With hypnotherapy, you have an incredible tool to access that storehouse and with it, not only can you harness the power of you unconscious mind, but you can also use it to realise your full potential. And yes, that is a picture of an iceberg above. To find out why it’s there, read on.

Your mind consists of two parts: the conscious and the unconscious (often called the subconscious), but it’s not a 50-50 split.

Think of it as an iceberg floating in the ocean. With an iceberg, there’s about 10 per cent above the waterline, which you can see (hurrah!), and approximately 90 per cent below the waterline, which you can’t (bad for boats!).

Your conscious mind is the 10 per cent above the waterline. It’s the part of you that’s responsible for all your day-to-day stuff, such as remembering that appointment you have at 5pm, or the phone number you only need to use once. It’s also responsible for your decision making processes, for logic, analysis and reasoning.

Your unconscious mind, the 90 per cent of the iceberg below the waterline, is responsible for everything else.

Right now, as you read this article, you are blinking, breathing, digesting food, regulating your body temperature and more. You are not consciously aware of these processes; your unconscious mind takes care of them for you.

Your conscious mind can only handle around seven bits of information at any one time (sometimes a little less; sometimes a little more). So, at any given time, everything else that is going on is going on within your unconscious mind.

You unconscious mind also contains everything you have ever learned, witnessed, seen, felt and done; all your emotions, your beliefs about yourself, your skills, habits and responses to things are stored there as patterns of information.

The two parts of your mind are in constant communication, all day long, and the conscious mind takes its cues from the information stored in your unconscious mind. All your insights, intuitions and realisations and passed from the unconscious to the conscious.

Except in hypnosis.

When you’re in a state of hypnosis, the conscious mind gets bypassed. It’s still there; it’s still aware of everything going on around it, but it cannot access the unconscious mind.

Left alone, the unconscious becomes very susceptible to positive suggestions, especially if those suggestions are tied to a goal you already know you want to achieve. A hypnotherapist then, layers in new information thats get stored directly into your personal database.

When you come out of a hypnotic trance and the two parts of your mind start communicating again, there’s a whole barrel-load of information stored in your unconscious that wasn’t there before.

Your conscious mind, being the smaller part, simply accepts these new messages, without any value judgement and begins operating according to them. By using direct suggestions and creative visualisations, a skilled hypnotherapist can help you be more confident and creative, become more forward thinking and proactive, lose weight, stop smoking, revisit your past, build your future, conquer your anxieties and much, much more.

Whatever your goals, hypnotherapy can help you achieve them by planting new thoughts, ideas and suggestions in your unconscious mind that, on a day-to-day level, you conscious mind reacts to.

Pretty amazing, when you think about it.