Therapy: Physical Fitness for your Mind

Personal training iStock 300x224 - Therapy: Physical Fitness for your Mind

Despite the best efforts of the media and mental health professionals there is still, sadly, as stigma surrounding mental health. Many people regard psychotherapy and counselling sessions with fear and trepidation. But, there is a different view you can take. As the old adage says, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Time then, to think of a therapist as nothing more than a fitness instructor for your mind.

More than a fair few people belong to gyms these days knowing, as they do, the importance of physical fitness and cardiovascular health. And each gym comes complete with a modest bank of personal trainers; people who can help you get your body back in just the shape you want.

Look up ‘personal trainer’ on Wikipedia (click here) and it says, “a personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients.”

That last bit is especially important as it’s pretty much what modern-day psychotherapy is all about. A mental health professional will motivate you (the client) by helping you set therapeutic goals and providing feedback along the way.”

Exercise prescription (albeit for your mind) is also part of the programme. People have no qualms when it comes to their physical health and yet, the mind is the most complicated piece of equipment you have. It’s also the part of you that is responsible for your physical as well as your mental health.

Without proper exercise and motivation, without correcting the bad habits accrued over time, the body wears and tears, stops performing at its best and, even, breaks down completely.

The same is true of your mind. It actually isn’t designed to cope with the stresses and strains of modern daily living, so the wonder of it is that it doesn’t break down more often than it does. Your mind is a marvel. Doesn’t it deserve a little professional help every now and then?

After all, people have no hesitation in seeking professional help when they are ill, be that help in the form of a GP, a consultant, or a nurse and so on. Few people fear going to the doctor’s to discuss an ache or a pain now, do they?

And, if you’ve put on a few pounds, you wouldn’t think twice about seeking advice, going on a diet, or taking some form of exercise now, would you?

So, if you’re looking for a therapist or want to find a therapist in Bristol, there are plenty of them around and, like any fitness professional, all they want to do is help you get your mind as fit and healthy as your body.

Not so scary now, is it?